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Voice Post

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“I'm sitting here in the park with the top down, leaning back and staring up at the stars. I'm telling you this is like the coolest thing ever, I am so unconvertible kinda guy now.”

Auto-Transcribed Voice Post - spoken through SpinVox

TBR March 2009

{I only realized today that I have not yet posted this month's TBR list. I am SOOOOO sorry about this; I know how much all of you enjoy reading what I am reading, have read, and will read- wow, I just used every tense of the word "read" in that last sentence. But in my defense, my mind this past 6 weeks has been torn in WAY to many directions....}


Ok, I will admit that February was NOT the best month for me. First of all, it was a short month- 28 days. 2nd, as recent events have explained, I have been a bit distracted from reading- instead focusing on other things going on. (Although I will admit that having ST: A Singular Destiny with me at the hospital was a big help in distracting me from what was going on…) Plus, there is the issue of having to juggle work, family, trying to find a car, and my newly emerging personal lives.  


Thus, this month was a REALLY short list of books to be read……



Books read in February


· ST: A Singular Destiny- Keith R. A. DeCandido: While David Mack might have shaken up the universe of 24th Century Trekdom, Keith R. A. DeCandido has set it on a new course with this book. Part conclusion to the Borg invasion and part the first steps to a new direction for future novels, this novel is less about the main characters we know from the past (Picard, Sisko, Voyager, etc) and more a series of new characters- in particular, history professor and intergalactic social butterfly Solan.    Reading the book reminded me of DeCandido’s previous Trek themed Articles of the Federation- a book that focuses on a new character and what actions he/she take to reach their desired goal, while at the same time, helping to move future trek novels in a focused direction.


· Star Wars: New Jedi Order-  Dark Tide II: Ruin – Michael Stackpole: The 2nd part of the Dark Tide series. Honestly, this was more of a struggle to read then the first one. Although I was more familiar with the characters and was surprised by the ending, I think after reading similar themes in the ST:Destiny (and Singular Destiny) as well as the first book in the Dark Tide Saga, the impact of what is happening in the world of Star Trek really has worn off. Yes, there is an invasion by a foreign power, which can cause planet wide destruction and total annihilation of civilizations, and yes, the heroes of the novel are outnumbered, outgunned, and are the last line of defense….. blah blah blah. (I think right now, I am going through so much BS in the real world, that I am not really in the mood for fictional crisis and threats to the safety of everyone. Maybe a nice cozy Sherlock Holmes or Nero Wolfe mystery is in order… or maybe even some Scott Adams or even a few Get Fuzzy/ Pearls Before Swine comic collections- you know, something to help get the positive vides going again…)




And now we come to March- a full 31 days of reading. And I have added a few more books to the list- some that are the next book in ongoing series, others that are new to the mix, and a couple that are personal to me…




To Be Read for March 2009Collapse )



Separated At Birth

For a while now, this has been playing on my mind...

I am thinking that Vice President Biden looks like Jeff Dunham's puppet Walter...

I posted in on twitter and got some agreements... and I even mentioned it to a couple of people at work, who agreed. But you tell me:

20 years ago, we had DC Follies and Spitting Image making puppets that looked like Presidents. Now, we have (Vice)Presidents that looke like Puppets....


Dad Update

Well, for those not following along on my Twitter or MySpace account-
Today, I took my father to the hospital, for testing.

The rests are not good- he has cancer in his lymph nobes. So now, on to treatment, and a second procedure to put in the chemo port.


Birthday Wishes

Today, someone special to the LJ-verse is celebrating his Birthday...

We all know who this person is....

He is the crown King of Live Journal.

He has manage to max out the number of people who friend him, and who he friends.....

He has started a petition to present to congress to rename Thursday to Drama Free Thursday...

He is THE popfiend !!!!

And on this, his most special of days (cuz he manages to make almost every other day special as well), I want to say



TBR- Feburary 2009


TBR FOR February 2009



Star Trek: Destiny Book 3- Lost Souls- David Mack. This is the final book in the Destiny Series. And really, the best was saved for last. The build up in the previous books was amazing- the escalating attacks on the Federation by the Borg; the Federation President’s alliance building; the back stories of the lost Columbia Crew Members; and the stories of Captains Picard, Riker, and Dax and their perspective crews. But this one concludes the saga- in a way that was both predictable and yet, entertaining and thrilling. I was a bit disappointed in the final ending- I was hoping Mack would pull one last surprise out of the hat, but who knows- things could get interesting with the next generation of next generation.


Star Wars: New Jedi Order- Dark Tide I OnslaughtMichael Stackpole. This the 2nd book in the New Jedi Order series from about a decade back.   I read the first book in the series- Vector Prime- back in ’99, and was so disappointed by who the author killed that I almost REFUSED to read any others. However, with all the new books coming out in the series, and in order to understand what is going with the future of Luke, Leia, and Han, I have to read the books. (Plus, last year, my interest in things Star Wars-y was rekindled- getting to see it with fresh eyes and a new perspective, so I wanted to get back to a time Long, Long ago, in a Galaxy Far, Far away...). Overall, I was pretty impressed by the book- I had forgotten a few of the details from the first book (thank you audio book reminder)- but for the most part, it wasn’t that hard to get caught up in the series. (And it doesn’t make a huge difference that I have not read- nor have any real interest- in the Rogue Squadron series; sure, some of the characters play big roles in the books, but I do not feel lost about what I have missed- unlike some other Trek novels I have read in the pass…).


· The Lost Diaries of Adrian Mole- Sue Townsend. In the game of “Desert Island”, when asked what books would I want to bring with me, Sue Townsend’s Adrian Mole Diaries is ALWAYS at the top of my list. I have been reading these books for 2 decades now- for me, they are like comfort reading. Every couple of years, I feel the need to sit down and rediscovered the messed up, crazy, british humor that is Adrian Mole. (Furthermore, my passion for the series does not end with the books- I really first discovered the series when I was in Canada, and sat down with my grandmother and watched the series with her. The next summer, I discovered the books and never regretted. Flash forward to 2004- I suddenly find myself going through a divorce, starting a new job and going back to school. And what do my eyes discovered on the internet but a VHS AND Dvd copies of the long forgotten series,… and so, with my new found money- amazing how much money you have when you are not having to support someone’s 1.5 pack a day smoking habit- I bought the series and never regretted). This latest novel is sort of a bridging book- the last book was set in 2003-2004, while this one finds Adrian during the years of 1999 – 2001; a time when the biggest concerns are Tony Blair’s newborn child, the threat of Y2k, and the growing concern of global terrorism following the events of 9/11. In actuality, the book is a collection of faux journal entries Townsend made in The Guardian during the same time period, and examines some of the events of the time.   (I read the entries back in 2004, during an afternoon of boredom while working at Zee). If there is any one series of books I would tell ANYONE to read, it is this one.




I have decided to use this year to get back to my roots- back to the days of reading those books that seem to have fallen by the way side over the past decade. I am going to read more Star Wars- I am hoping to finish the New Jedi Order Saga this; I want to finish more than my traditional one Sherlock Holmes novel a year trend- I have over 500 Holmes theme novels and I will need to live for a LONG time if I ever want to finish them. I want to read more mysteries- Grafton, Stout, Hillerman, Paretsky, Patterson, and others. I want to read some more military fiction and non fiction, as well as some of the serial Sci Fi that I use to read- Harry Harrison’s Stainless Steel Rat or Bill, the Galactic Hero; Harry Turtledove’s Alternative History and others. 


Don’t get me wrong- I will continue reading Trek and the latest books by my favorite authors, but I feel that I am almost neglecting the ones that brought me to the dance; the ones that entertained me while I was sititng in my truck in college, shivering from the cold and passing the time until my next class; the ones that were there when I was near homeless and seeking an escape from reality. I want to get back to the good old days of reading…



TBR ListCollapse )


End of a Dry spell

1806.25 days....

1 Day.....

TBR- January 2009


WOW- the year is over. And WHAT a year it has been… seriously, I am surprised by what all has happened in the past 12 months….


However, this is a TBR posting, and as such, needs to be limited to BOOK related topics, so here is a break down of how the past month has gone, from a reading perspective…


This month, I finished the following novels:


Three to get Deadly- Janet Evanovich: Back when I was in college, I took a class in Detective fiction; after the class, I was forever hooked on mystery fiction and would spend the next few years dipping my toe in various series, to see if I was wanting to try it or not. (Some series- McBain’s 87th Precinct, Gash’s Lovejoy, Parker’s Spenser- became an annual “must read the latest one as it comes out” obsession, others were devoured with gusto that would be almost unmatched; and others would be “well, I like the series, and want to read them, but there is no big rush..”). But, with time, I got to be a bit of a snob; I would only read those series that REALLY caught my eye and made me sit up and take notice- and the Janet Evanovich series was just a series. Sure, the first time I picked up the book was because my Ex introduced me to the series and dragged me to an author reading and signing (which, btw, was one the best reading EVER. Sorry to those on the Flist who are writers and do readings at conventions, but until you have a Overweight, former hooker turn Bounty hunter in Training in one of your books- AND have someone helping with the reading Stand In for said Overweight, former hooker turn Bounty hunter in Training- with zebra stripped feather bola, high heels, and box of Donuts to do the voice- well THEN you can get Best Reading Ever status…).But after reading the first two books, I was pretty much a fan of the series (I guess the moment I became a fan was when the Grandmother used Stephanie’s Gun to shoot the family dinner…). But, for some reason, over 7 years has passed since I last read a book- which is a shame really, because after reading the this book, I was surprised by how much I like it… Guess I need to once again add Evanovich to my list of Annual books to read.


Star Trek: The Manga #2- Various.: this was my Annual Birthday book; one that I read, and finished, on my birthday. Overall, it was a quick read; something that sort of cleansed the mind before I threw myself into some much more meaty and fulfilling.   Sort of like a Twinkie of reading- the stories are good and interesting, in the style of the old TOS series- and the included Short story was one I had read before and loved.


Autobiography of Santa Claus- Jeff Guinn: As part of my traditional Holiday reading, I like to read, and finish, some sort of Holiday themed novel on Christmas Day. In the past, it has been Sherlock Holmes novels- Holmes for the Holidays, More Holmes for the Holidays- or mystery themed novels- Mary Higgings Clarke and Carol Higgins Clarke novels- and some years, it was just holiday fiction- Skipping Christmas or A Christmas Story. This year, it was a “autobiography” about the Big Guy himself. It was cute and sweet, and could even been read to children, to help explain some of the Santa myths- and there are guest appearances by historical figures from Roman times, Holy Roman Empire times, Middle Ages, Renaissance, American Revolution, the expansion of American, Victorian Britain, turn of the Century America, Aviation Pioneers, and, of course, Santa Claus.   I would even recommend giving it to people as future holiday gifts.


Roses are Red- James Patterson: The last time I read a James Patterson novel, I was still married. That should be an indicator of how long it has been since I read one of the novels. I like Patterson- his approach to short chapters and shifting povs make for some interesting reading. And I should spend more time next year, reading the rest of the series, but a part of me thinks that spacing it out makes for more interest and doesn’t over do it. (Plus, as I have learned from Michael Crichton’s passing, there is only a finite number of books an author can write in their life..and while these authors are not getting any younger. So, if I want to be able to enjoy Alex Cross for years to come, I need to save each book and ration the reading out. Now, about the book- it was good. From the opening scene, I was sort of reminded, a bit, of the opening of Batman: Dark Knight, but that could just be me. Unfortunately, about 1/3 of the way through the book, I discovered who the Mastermind was, and as a result, I wasn’t as motivated to read it as quickly…. But I did read it and enjoy it.


And now to the new year's reading:

TBR January 2009Collapse )


Voice Post

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“I'll go into further details about what this voice post is about right now. I'm very concerned about leaving work and being at work and I now know how Michael Douglas felt in Fatal Attraction.”

Auto-Transcribed Voice Post - spoken through SpinVox

Birthday Weekend- Past and Present

Whenever my birthday falls on a weekend, I tend to make the most of it- I try to take a day or two off, and I like to enjoy myself.
Or so I TRY...

However, I am not one to make a big deal of my birthday- for me, my birthday is almost a reminder of how much I have failed in life- how my dreams and hopes and plans have been abandoned and forgotten.... bitchslapped, as it were, by the reality of life.

Furthermore, I have no never really had much success at birthday things....
Don't believe me- let;s take a glance at past birthdays, shall we..

The Ghosts of Birthdays PastCollapse )*******************

And there you have it... my collection of disappoint birthdays.


First, my friend Jennifer (aka BossyDDDIVA) had people at work decorate my desk yesterday- not over the top, but still pretty good.  (I get the feeling that on Sunday, when Jennifer is working, there will be Part two the fun- with this one being BIG).  Then, I had to get the Dollar Bill Train.  (Although I got $9- one 5 and the rest ones- I didn't really seek out the money.  I am not one like that; plus, it is sort the adult version of Valentines day card exhange like in school- the more bills you get, the more popular you are.  Which is why one guy got like $200, and another got $150....).  And finally, I put up my tree at work- with this years fun ordiments of the Fragile Leg Lamp mini lights, like out of Christmas STory, and my USS Enterprise 1701-D- All Good Things- version.

Second, Bones is having me over today, so that the girls can give me my surprise birthday cake, we can make cookies, and hang out and have fun.  (The girls are going to be spending their holidays with their father- not by their choice- so they want to spend some time with me).

And finally, tomorrow, on my birthday, I am invited over to FwoP (more on this later) for a Birthday brunch- french toast, Canadian Maple Syrup, etc- then she and I and the kids are going to put up the tree, watch some holiday movies, and just chill and relax and play with the kids.  (Gigi has learned my name- "Ro ss"- and now says "I lub oo Ro ss". Talk about bringing a tear to the eye.... And when I do come over, she and I will cuddle and love on me for the first 30- 45 minutes I am there... and then throws a fit when I leave...  Talk about having me wrapped around her little finger)

So, this might just be the year when I have a decent birthday for myself.


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