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TBR- July 2009


Ok, somehow, in all that is going on in my life these days, I COMPLETELY forgot to post a TBR list for the month of June. (::Slaps the hand with a thick Shakespeare book:: Ouch…). So, this month, I am going to include both month’s lists reading list- with reviews- as well as a bit of what I wrote last month. (June, for the most part, has been a pretty busy month for me, so I really don’t have a lot to say).



Well, the summer is here….


There once was a time when I looked forward to the summer- for I suddenly found myself with all the time in the day to read. I was free from the stress and burden of school, and could spend my time reading what I wanted to read. (Yes, there is a bit of irony in the idea of getting excited over the battle between being FORCED to read something and have the FREEDOM to read something….). For me, it was a time to join the library’s summer reading clubs, to picking out books from the library which would interest me, and then sitting in either my hammock or my raft in the pool, and reading the summer hours away. It was a time to explore the globe trodding adventures of James Bond, to solve crimes with Sherlock Holmes, to explore the new worlds of the galaxy with Kirk and Picard, and to have the Force be with me with Star Wars…..


Sadly, those days are over- I am adult now, and my job doesn’t understand my need for 3 months of freedom to read and sleep…..


Anyway, this past month [May] was a theme month for me- something I use to do a lot when I was younger, but stopped doing. (Mainly cause it seemed to put a burden on me- limiting myself to a certain theme prevented me from exploring more of the works around me…) This month’s theme was Trek- in honor of the new Star Trek movie coming out at the beginning of the month. Of the 5 books I read (I am leaving Star Trek: Manga #3 off the list- the Manga books almost seem to be a cheat, of sorts. They are good, but not as good as traditional Star Trek novels… Same logic is being applied to the two Star Trek Graphic novels I read- although the New Frontier one had me laughing at work, at the idea of family pictures being used as torture devices against Romulans…), all of theme were, in some way, Star Trek related….



ST:Voyager Full Circle- Kirsten Beyer- Once again, a Post Finale Voyager book has been written. And by far, this is one of the best around. Picking up after the events of the previous Voyager novels- Enemy of my Enemy Series- this one details the events of the crew (and former crew) through a race across the Empire, in pursuit of key figure in the future of Klingon Empire, an examination of the crew’s actions (and reactions) to the Borg-related death of their former captain, their heroic attempt to stop the Borg invasion, and their post Borg Invasion plans for the future. Personally, I felt, at first, that the book should have been divided into two sections- one detailing the chase and the other dealing with the 2nd half of the book. But, as I read the 2nd half, I realize that the book needed the first part, to set things up for the latter, and that the latter part was not one that could have stood on it’s own as a novel. The plot manages to cover most of the crew that the reader has come to know and love (with one exception- who has jump ship, as it were, to join a new crew), and even gives a few updates on the lives of minor members of the crew. And it sets the pace for what is to come in future novels- a new mystery for a new captain, a reunion for a crew member, and a new destiny for those not joining the crew.   {And on a personal note, two parts of the novel stood out for me. The first being the concept of a gender-opposite activity being filled with honor and strength (see pg 130), and the second dealing with how two close, personal friends can have feelings for each other, but have the strength and courage to only act on those feelings with the time is right.}


ST:TOS # 13 Wounded Sky- Diane Duane; this is one of the early Star Trek novels, that came out during a time when the books were written to be stand alone novels. The style and tone of the novel reflects this idea. Over all, I found myself reading the book in bits and pieces over the course of the past 13 months. (Yes, it has taken me THAT LONG to read this book). As I was reaching the end of the novel, and being introduced to The Others (not the The Others from Lost, btw- although how cool would THAT have been…. ), I began to compare the concepts to Marvel’s Beyonder Character, and wondered if the folks behind The Beyonder had read this book…




TBR – JULY 2009


· ST:Vanguard: Reap the Whirlwind- David Mack; In the past, I have praised much of David Mack’s work in the world of Star Trek Fiction. You want to kill people off- you call in David Mack. You want to destroy something BIG- call in Mack.    Feel like causing a major ripple in the world Trek- Get David. And once again, he does just this in Reap the Whirlwind. Continuing the adventures of the men & women of Star base Vanguard, Mack finally reveals the power and reason why the Federation desires to have a presence in this new frontier of Space. At the same time, the reader learns of the secret connection between this ancient and powerful race and one of the Alpha Quadrants more mysterious races.  And the ending of the novel sets things up for an interesting 4th book in the series…


Transformers: Veiled Threat- Alan Dean Foster; this is prequel novel, to help bridge the two year gap between the end of the first Transformer movie, and the 2nd, upcoming Transformer movie. Returning humans are Captain Lennox and Sargent Epps, and Sector Seven’s former agent, as well as Autobots Optimus, Rachet, and Ironhide. And a few new Transformers are introducted. Basically, if you are a fan of the Transformers, you will want to read the book; if you are going to the beach and want something to read that is not going to make you think but entertain you for a few hours, then you will want to read the book. But I you are looking for some deep, dark secret of the Tranformers or looking for hints for the new movie, then you will want to read….


Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen- Alan Dean Foster; this is a novelization of the new Transformers film. The book, like most novelizations, offers insight into the thoughts and emotions, of the characters, as well as providing a few extra scenes one does not see in the film. Among the more interesting little Easter Eggs in the book is references to various current pop culture events and organizations (ie: Massive Dynamics), as well as references to the events of the previous Transformer novel (see above entry). When compared the to movie, the novel is ALOT better; it is not quiet as busy and cluttered with the various fight scenes that tend to overwhelm the viewer. Instead, the action is pure and left to the reader to envision in their heads.




Well, there is it- two months worth of reading. For most people, that would seem like a lot. (Many of my friends have admitted to only reading this many books in a year). But for me, it was a slow couple of months….


Anyway, here is the list of what I am hoping to tackle in the next few months.

(Or weeks, if I end up winning the lotto in the next few days…)





Trek Related

· ST: Day of Honor Saga- Various Authors

· ST:Enterprise- Rosetta- Dave Stern

· ST:Vanguard: Reap the Whirlwind- David Mack

· ST:Vanguard Open Secrets- Dayton Ward

· ST:TNG Genesis Wave Book 3 – John Vornholt

· ST: DSN Left Hand of Destiny Book 1-

· ST:TOS # 13 Wounded Sky- Diane Duane

· ST:Voyager #17 Death of a Neutron Star- Eric Kotani

· ST: Mirror Universe Shards and Shadows- Various Authors

· ST:Voyager Full Circle- Kirsten Beyer

· Star Trek- Alan Dean Foster



Star Wars Related

· Star Wars: Clone Wars- Shatterpoint – Matthew Stover

· Star Wars: New Jedi Order- Agents of Chaos- Jedi Eclipse- James Luceno

· Star Wars: Clone Wars- Wild Space- Karen Miller


Doctor Who/ Torchwood

· Monsters Inside- Stephen Cole

· Winner Takes All- Jacqueline Rayner

· Deviant Strain- Justin Richards

· Only Human- Gareth Roberst

· Stealers of Dreams- Steve Lyons

· Stone Rose- Jacqueline Rayner

· Feast of the Drowned- Stephen Cole

· Resurrection Casket- Justin Richards

· Made of Steel- Terrence Dicks


· Torchwood: Slow Decay- Andy Lane


Media Tie In Novels

· Quantum Leap: Pulitzer- L. Elizabeth Storm

· 4400: Vesuvius Prophecy- Greg Cox

· 24 Declassified: Veto Power- John Whitman

· Red Dwarf Omnibus- Grant Naylor

· Buffy, the Vampire Slayer: Child of the Hunt

· Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen- Alan Dean Foster

· Transformers: Veiled Threat- Alan Dean Foster

· G.I Joe: Above and Beyond- Max Allen Collins

· G.I Joe: The Rise of Cobra- Max Allen Collins



Sci Fi

· Earth- David Brin

· Adventures of the Stainless Steel Rat- Harry Harrison

· Twilight- Stephanie Meyes


Military/ Adventure

· Op Center: Line of Control

· Net Force: Spring Board - Steve Perry & Larry Segriff

· Splinter Cell - David Michaels

· Special Forces - Tom Clancy

· Last World War- Dayton ward


Comic Book Related books

· Batman: Dead White - John White

· Captain America: Liberty's Torch

· Wolverine: Weapon X- Marc Cerasini

· DC Universe: Helltown

· Spiderman: The Darkness Hours- Jim Butcher

· Spiderman: Down These Mean Streets- Keith R.A. Decandido

· Lois and Clark- C.J. Cherryh

Fiction /Mystery/ Legal Thriller

· Camel Club- David Baldacci

· Up Country - Nelson DeMille

· Department Thirty- David Kent

· The Company- Robert Littell

· Assassini- Thomas Gifford

· Conspiracy- Allan Topol

· Avenger-Frederick Forsyth

· Inside Ring- Mike Lawson 

· Then We Came to the End- Joshua Ferris

· Monkey's Raincoat- Robert Crais

· K is for Killer- Sue Grafton

· Four to Score- Janet Evanovich

· Blowfly - Patricia Cornwell

· Violets are Blue- James Patterson

· State of Fear- Michael Crighton

· Hard Rain- Barry Eisler

· Cruel Justice- William Berhardt

· The Red Box- Rex Stout

· The Gun Seller- Hugh Laurie

· Tunnel Vision- Sara Paretsky

· Two for Tanner- Lawrence Block

· Rising Phoenix- Kyle Mills


Sherlock Holmes Novel

· A Slight Trick of the Mind- Mitch Cullin

· Sherlock Holmes: the Missing Years- Jamyang Norbu

· Sherlock Holmes: An Unauthorized Biography- Nick Rennison

· Shadows over Baker Street- Various


Nonfiction/ Humor

· Dragons of Eden- Carl Sagan

· Nerds 2.0.1

· Dilbert Future - Scott Adams

· Why Do Men Have Nipples- Billy Goldber & Mark Leyner

· Why Do Men Fall Asleep After Sex- Billy Goldber & Mark Leyner

· Just Checking: Scenes from the Life of an Obsessive Compulsive- Emily Colas



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