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TBR List for November 2009

Ok, so I forgot to post the reading list in September- that was my fault. Between things going on in my personal life, and the upcoming HalThanksBirthMas season. {That’s right, the time of year when the shelves are packed with items relating to the upcoming Halloween, Thanks Giving, and X-mas season. BTW- the “Birth” part should be pretty obvious…}. And of course, the change in position at work….  {And throw in the weekend I just had of what I am sure has got to be a combination of Swine & Avian flu, with just a hint of Bubonic Plague thrown in for fun….)


But never fear, I am still reading- still plugging along, albeit at a much slower pace- 2-3 books per month, as opposed to the 3-5 books I use to do. (Although I still can never beat my old record of 35 books in 30 days during 1996…). And because I cheated you out of so much, I am going to post both Septembers and Octobers reading list here…


September 2009:


The Testament- John Grisham; more than a few times, in past reviews, I have expressed my interest in John Grisham legal thrillers. So, I am going to skip the gushing part and get to the review- I LIKE THIS BOOK. It starts out with a first person perspective of Troy Phelan, going through what is to be mental status testing before signing his last Will and Testament. But after a tragic end to this testing, the story shifts to the race to find the sole heir to the multi-billion dollar fortune before the other heirs managed to seize control of the heritance and use it for their personal gain. Problem is- the sole heir does not want to be found, nor want the money. At the same time, there is the personal redemption of the main lawyer- Nate O’Reily- who is trying to rebuild his life after having one too many failures with drugs and alcohol. Overall, the book was pretty entertaining- it takes on a “Heart of Darkness” feel in the middle, when O’Reily starts voyage of discovery, and self discovery, but then it gets it bit to preachy, for my tastes. (I still have doubts about one man’s near-instant recovery and regained focus on life following a brief encounter with a woman he doesn’t know and who is never going to be in his life). But, as one who has recently started to work on my own personal wills, I enjoyed watching the aftermath as people who thought they were going to be set for life suddenly discover that their past actions have resulting in an uncertain future….


Flashforward- Robert J. Sawyer; yes, this is the book that the ABC tv show is based on. However, this is going to be a review of the book. Overall, I was impressed by this novel. It was written a decade back, before our current global events that play such an important part in our world. But oddly enough, the setting of the book was for 2009, and some of what was talked in the book had come true- flat screen/ plasma TVs was one of the first things I noticed. (Remember, this is from 1999…). But the story was what really got me going- at the moment of a critical scientific experiment, the entire globe has a blackout- and the majority of the people catch a glimpse of their future. (In the TV series, it is a few months from the date; in the book, it is 20+ years). It is those that don’t have visions that people begin to realize that maybe, they will not be around in 20 years time. This last one is a case for one of the main characters- he learns that he will be killed, and this forehand knowledge drives him to try to solve a future crime. Meanwhile, the rest of the population of the earth is coming to terms to the changes that occur during the blackout- millions are killed (think about it, how many cars, planes, boats and other vehicles are in operation at any one moment- how many life threaten things happen to a person in one day- crossing a street; standing at a metro platform, washing a window dozens of stories up), companies discover their value- or lack there of- in the future; people get to know who they married, divorce, love, hate, parent, or what they are destined to be. At the same time, the question of pre-destiny vs free will is debated- until that first death occurs. One of the few things I had to wrap my head around was the “world not in a global crisis of terrorism” concept. In the past few months, I have been reading books that were written prior to 2001, so the tone and feel of the novels have been more upbeat and positive. And yet, when I know that the moment I pull my head out of the book, I will be back to the real world- a place that is scary, uncertain, and a bit frightening…..



October 2009:


· Twilight- Stephanie Meyes; many of my friends have raved about how good the series is. Finally, I was challenged- CHALLENGED- to read the first book in the series, and after that, try not to want to jump in and read the rest of the books. Well, Challenge accepted- and sadly, they were wrong. Yes, the book was good- but I had seen the movie a few months ago (and before that, I had seen the ending of the movie when it was out opening weekend). So, I sort of knew what to expect. But the book was good- very entertaining and humorous. These are not your typical vampires- there isn’t any “I vant to suck vour vlood….” (come on, you know you are soo saying that line right now in your mind… - nor are they the vamps from the Anne Rice books or even the Buffy series (got to show love for the Buffy- after all, that series is what sort of got me into the idea of vampires, demons, werewolves, etc…). Instead, these are vampires who are just like you and I- they got to school (apparently, after 75+ years, they still are struggling to complete that Shakespeare paper), they fall in and struggle with their feelings of love and desire and passion. But, these are vampires that are all sparkly in the sunlight- they’re the glitter vampires. (I am thinking that in the world of Vampire types, they would be bullied and teased and given vampire wedgies- “Sparkly Sparkly/ little Vampirely. Won’t bite a human/ and that’s no foolin’”). But as for rushing in to read the 2nd novel- well, I want to try to finish the New Dan Brown and the latest ST:Voyager before I jump into the 2nd book.


ST: Voyager Unworthy by Kirsten Beyer; this is a follow up to this year’s ST:VOYAGER FULL CIRCLE novel. Once again, the surviving crew members from Voyager find themselves back in the Delta Quadrant, trying to determine if the Borg really are gone for good. Along the way, we run into old friends, meet some new ones, and see a new direction being set down for the crew. Overall, I was pretty impressed with the book- I certainly enjoy it more than the last Voyager novel- it didn’t feel rushed or tried to cover to much ground at one time. (The last one was slated to bridge a gap of many years between the previous two Voyager Post Finale books and the recent Borg invasion- while touching upon the deaths of _________ and ____________ and how the crew reacts to it).  I did like the addition of new crew members from other Star Trek series- it is great that the powers that be decide that it is ok to start using non-cannon characters in major roles, rather than sticking with the “if they were on the screen, they are to be used” tactic from the past. At the same time, it help set up the plots for future books- the ongoing search for the Caeilar, possible encounter with rogue Borg (I am thinking that having the Borg that Lore helped to convert might be an interesting encounter), and of course, the search for __________.





Trek Related

· ST: Day of Honor Saga- Various Authors

· ST:Enterprise- Rosetta- Dave Stern

· ST:TNG Genesis Wave Book 3 – John Vornholt

· ST: DSN Left Hand of Destiny Book 1-

· ST:Voyager #17 Death of a Neutron Star- Eric Kotani

· ST: Mirror Universe Shards and Shadows- Various Authors

· ST: Voyager Unworthy by Kirsten Beyer 

· ST:  Enterprise- The Romulan War by Michael A. Martin

· ST: Titan Synthesis by James Swallow



Star Wars Related

· Star Wars: Clone Wars- Shatterpoint – Matthew Stover

· Star Wars: New Jedi Order- Agents of Chaos- Jedi Eclipse- James Luceno

· Star Wars: Clone Wars- Wild Space- Karen Miller


Doctor Who/ Torchwood

· Monsters Inside- Stephen Cole

· Winner Takes All- Jacqueline Rayner

· Made of Steel- Terrence Dicks


· Torchwood: Another Life- Peter Anghelides

· Torchwood: Border Princess- Dan Abnett


Media Tie In Novels

· Quantum Leap: Pulitzer- L. Elizabeth Storm

· 4400: Vesuvius Prophecy- Greg Cox

· 4400: Wet Work-  Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore

· 24 Declassified: Veto Power- John Whitman

· Red Dwarf Omnibus- Grant Naylor

· Buffy, the Vampire Slayer: Child of the Hunt



Sci Fi

· Earth- David Brin

· Adventures of the Stainless Steel Rat- Harry Harrison

· Twilight- Stephanie Meyes


Military/ Adventure

· Op Center: Line of Control

· Net Force: Spring Board - Steve Perry & Larry Segriff

· Splinter Cell - David Michaels

· Special Forces - Tom Clancy

· Last World War- Dayton ward


Comic Book Related books

· Enemies & Allies- Kevin J. Anderson

· Batman: Dead White - John White

· Captain America: Liberty's Torch

· Wolverine: Weapon X- Marc Cerasini

· DC Universe: Helltown

· Spiderman: The Darkness Hours- Jim Butcher

· Spiderman: Down These Mean Streets- Keith R.A. Decandido

· Lois and Clark- C.J. Cherryh

Fiction /Mystery/ Legal Thriller

· The Lost Symbol- Dan Brown

· Dashing through the Snow- Mary Higgins Clark & Carol Higgins Clark (This year’s X-mas reading novel)

· Camel Club- David Baldacci

· Up Country - Nelson DeMille

· Department Thirty- David Kent

· The Company- Robert Littell

· Assassini- Thomas Gifford

· Conspiracy- Allan Topol

· Avenger-Frederick Forsyth

· Inside Ring- Mike Lawson 

· Then We Came to the End- Joshua Ferris

· Monkey's Raincoat- Robert Crais

· K is for Killer- Sue Grafton

· Four to Score- Janet Evanovich

· Blowfly - Patricia Cornwell

· Violets are Blue- James Patterson

· State of Fear- Michael Crighton

· Hard Rain- Barry Eisler

· Cruel Justice- William Berhardt

· The Red Box- Rex Stout

· The Gun Seller- Hugh Laurie

· Tunnel Vision- Sara Paretsky

· Two for Tanner- Lawrence Block

· Rising Phoenix- Kyle Mills

· Eye of the Needle- Ken Follett

· The Shack- DON’T ASK- I was challenged to read it, so read it I will


Sherlock Holmes Novel

· A Slight Trick of the Mind- Mitch Cullin

· Sherlock Holmes: the Missing Years- Jamyang Norbu

· Sherlock Holmes: An Unauthorized Biography- Nick Rennison

· Shadows over Baker Street- Various


Nonfiction/ Humor

· Pride & Prejudice & Zombies- Seth Grahame-Smith

· Sense & Sensibility & Sea Monsters- Jane Austin

· Dragons of Eden- Carl Sagan

· Nerds 2.0.1

· Dilbert Future - Scott Adams

· Why Do Men Have Nipples- Billy Goldber & Mark Leyner

· Why Do Men Fall Asleep After Sex- Billy Goldber & Mark Leyner

· Just Checking: Scenes from the Life of an Obsessive Compulsive- Emily Colas

· Wishful Drinking- Carrie Fisher (I had once met her, at a con. I swear, I wonder what they had her on to keep her that ….mellow.)




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